A Partner Portal Made Specifically for Technology Partnerships

Explore new features for technology partnerships on Pandium's Partner Portal - seamless onboarding, integration creation, and GTM efforts in one platform.
Written by
Elizabeth Garcia
Published on
August 7, 2023

Operations for technology partnerships are all about onboarding, enablement and GTM strategies. Traditional partner portals are great for managing the selling channel of partner programs, but they're not equipped to manage the workflows that come with technology partnerships without heavy customization. 

This results in onboarding and enablement processes that are manual and complicated, which can be difficult to manage and scale as a partner program grows. 

Pandium’s Partner Portal 

Pandium’s Partner Portal has all the needed workflows for partner onboarding, integration creation, and integration GTM built into one unified platform so you and your partners can get integrations in your app and in front of your customers more quickly. 

Plus, we’ve added some robust new features to our Partner Portal and the overall partner management experience, making it easier to collaborate with partners and stay informed about your integration partnerships. 

Built to Scale Tech Partner Onboarding and Ecosystem Management 

As a Pandium admin user, you can invite partner organizations to a Portal where they can submit integrations and marketing content for approval. 

If an integration is approved and published, Partner users will be able to see installation and usage details, logs, as well as other data and telemetry associated with the submitted app. Pandium admin users will still have full access and control to all apps in the marketplace and can unpublish an app at any time.

The Partner Portal Workflow 

Create, Invite and View Partners

Granting access to the Partner Portal is easy. First, you can either choose to create or invite a partner. 

Note: A partner doesn't have to be another SaaS company, it could be anyone who you have building integrations or any company you want to highlight in your marketplace.

Creating a partner automatically grants them access to the portal where they can begin submitting integrations and other necessary materials once they login. 

Admin Point of View: Viewing, Creating, or Inviting a Partner 

Inviting a partner notifies them that they first need to submit an onboarding form that can be customized by you in the Admin settings. This erases the need to manage externally created forms. 

Admin Point of View: Customize Partner Onboarding Form

In the Admin Dashboard you can see all your integrations in one place. Clearly view and manage all partner integrations that are published, unpublished, or require review and approval. 

Admin Point of View: View and manage all internal or partner integrations that are published, unpublished, or require review and approval. 

Technology Partner Enablement  

When given access to their partner portal, your technology partners can create an internal or external integration to submit for your feedback and approval. 

Partner Point of View: Choose to create internal or external integrations

In the same place that partners create an integration, they can submit marketing materials and copy for their integration listing, attach relevant links and documents, and more - no coding necessary. 

Partner Point of View: When submitting integrations partners can also submit marketing materials for the integration marketplace listing

Partner Managers, Product Managers or Engineers can be given access to this dashboard to set up the integration configurations, sync schedules, and connectors. For more information on creating a partner integration, check out our video on creating an integration, or our docs

Partner Point of View: Creating an Integration

Partner Point of View: Setting up the sync schedule for an Integration

Email Notifications 

As a Pandium Admin, stay informed in real time and get notified via email when partners submit an integration or respond to your feedback on their integration submission. 

In turn, partners will receive emails notifying them to set up their account, when their integrations are approved, and if they have received feedback. 

Partner Point of View: Sample Partner Email

Our Newest Partner Portal Features 

On top of managing partner integrations and tenants across your account, you can now set custom questions for your partners to answer when submitting integrations. There’s also the option to set organization-level questions for your partners to see.

Admin Point of View: Customize a form that partners need to fill out when submitting integrations 

Additionally, you now have the option to provide feedback to partners on integrations submitted for review, making it easier to collaborate and allowing for greater control of your partner integrations.

Admin Point of View: Submit feedback to partners before approving integrations

To learn more about how Pandium can help with building and managing your technology partnership program and integration ecosystem check out our docs or request a demo

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