Pandium 2023: Upcoming Features and Changes

Kelvin Franklin, Product Manager, Pandium

With the start of a new year, it’s time to look forward to the opportunities to improve, and we’ve embraced that at Pandium. We wanted to give a quick look into what we’ve been working on here, as well as some of our goals for the year.

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UI/UX Improvements

We’ve got several improvements to our frontends coming. We’re typing up a plethora of upgrades to improve the look and feel of our platform and marketplaces. Thanks to some amazing feedback from both clients and prospects, we’ve also got several Quality-of-Life updates we’re implementing, which we’ll be posting about in a separate blog in the near future. 

Upcoming Features

While we strive for continuous iteration and refinement of Pandium, there are several milestone features that we’ll be working on throughout the year that we’re excited to give a small preview of!

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to the Pandium Platform

Building an integration and taking it to market is a cross-functional endeavor. We’ve received plenty of feedback around the different personas that naturally stem from relationships between partners, partnership managers, developers, product managers, and CX teams. 

This has prompted us to work on multiple user roles and workflows specific to the necessary roles, as well as custom configuration options around them within our platform. 

We understand that certain information is more relevant in certain roles, and we’re looking to make sure every account has an efficient and relevant user experience.

Updates to Our Integration Audit Log  

Stemming from RBAC, we’ve also been lining up work for a robust audit log within our platform. This is fairly straightforward, but it will allow Pandium administrators to view significant events that happen in the platform, and match them to the relevant users that took these actions. 

Integration Reporting and Analytics Overhaul

Another major feature we’re excited about is an overhaul of the reporting and analytics functionality of Pandium. 

While we already offer our customers the opportunity to view integration activity logs and analytics on how their users are interacting with their integrations and app marketplace, we’ve gotten plenty of feedback on numerous different metrics that would be helpful to view, filter, and generate reports from. 

We’re taking this and running with it - we’ve got plans to rebuild our reporting capabilities from the ground up, allowing granular analytics and reporting, as well as an extended suite of tools that will allow distinct roles within Pandium to access the information they need easily. 

Platform Notifications 

Notifications is another key body of work for us this year. We’ll be implementing robust notifications functionality around many aspects of the platform. These will be customizable by company and role, so that only relevant stakeholders are notified. 

Integrations (our specialty) will also be a large part of this, allowing you to create robust notification workflows and make it much easier to view any issues or critical information quickly in a way that’s the most comfortable for you. 

Pandium Integration Developer Kit (IDK) 

Another major initiative for us at Pandium is the idea of the Pandium IDK - or Integration Developer Kit. We’ve recognized that being able to develop from a standardized Pandium scaffolding would vastly improve the ease for you, and notably, your partners to develop integrations and release integrations. 

Although the idea of an SDK is certainly not new, we want to include other quick-start items that make the process as smooth as possible for everybody involved to make a holistic collection of useful materials for anybody involved in an integration ecosystem. 

We’ll be providing specialized documentation, code examples, and frameworks that will make building integrations for you or your partners streamlined. 

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