Pandium Product Updates 4.22.21

Natalie Petruch-Trent

Here at Pandium, we’re wishing all of you a Happy Spring by springing into some newly hatched features!

Partner Portal V1

We’re proud to announce the soft launch of our Partner Portal! Now you can manage all of your integration partners from within your Partner dashboard. Our Partner Portal allows you to view and manage all integrations and tenants across your account, while your partners can only view and manage their integrations and associated tenants. Now it’s easier than ever to collaborate with your tech partners on product marketing and customer acquisition strategy.

Tags & Flags

In our continued efforts to ensure that our customers have the best in breed integration marketplaces, we’ve launched tags and flags. A flag is a cosmetic overlay on the corner of your integration tile cards within the marketplace. With this new functionality, you’re now able to draw more attention to your trending, recommended, and/or premium integrations. All of our flags are fully customizable so you can create whatever tags best fit your customer audience. In contrast, tags are not visible to your customers, but rather function more like search terms. Within the Pandium Admin portal, you simply type whatever tags you would like associated with an integration. Then, when your customers type in a phrase like “marketing,” all of the integrations with the marketing tag will appear.

Improved Beta Testing

As we know, creating and launching a new integration has many steps, and we’re here to make every step a little easier. Now, when you are entering the Beta release of an integration, you are able to install an integration for select customers and allow them full accessibility to monitor, edit, and update that integration, without making it public on your marketplace to your entire user base.

In-App Feature Requests

Our core values include meeting our customers where they are and continuously striving to be better. With those in mind, we’ve embedded the first version of our feature request form directly into the Pandium Admin Portal. Please use it to send us your thoughts and recommendations.

Tenant Health Report

The Tenant Health Report is the newest addition to the Pandium reporting suite. This report can be emailed on a specific schedule to whomever you need it sent to. It will give you a holistic view of all installed instances of all your integrations, including those that may not have completed the integration installation process.

External Integrations and More Supported Languages

In addition to the Pandium Admin portal and embedded marketplace, we also enable embedding into 3rd party marketplaces, including, but not limited to Square, Wix, and BigCommerce. Now you can do this in more languages than ever as Pandium fully supports Python, Rudy, Node, PhP, and Clojure. Don’t see your preferred language here? Let us know and we’ll support it!

General Fixes and UI Improvements

In addition to releasing features, we’re constantly improving the existing platform. We’ve revamped runs and made the Admin Dashboard more performant. We’ve streamlined the Dashboard UX so you can more easily manage your integrations and partners. Advanced filtering and searching enables you to find your customers’ tenants and syncs with ease. Further, we’ve adjusted the time stamps within the Admin Dashboard to always show your own time zone.

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