Pandium Product Updates 5.2.22

Kelvin Franklin

It’s another Spring season here at Pandium, and that means plenty of freshly-grown features and updates.

Webhooks/External Triggers

We now support webhooks. On top of highly-configurable scheduled integrations, you can now easily have your integrations and tenants sync on specific actions. This functionality allows you even more flexibility within our platform. Learn more about our webhook functionality here.

Partner Experience

We’ve added some robust new features to the Partner Portal and the overall Partner management experience! 

On top of managing partner integrations and tenants across your account, you can now set custom questions for your partners to answer when submitting integrations. 

Additionally, you now have the option to provide feedback to partners on integrations submitted for review, making it easier to collaborate and allowing for greater control of your partner integrations.

Admin view of a Partner Integration Request Form, including a section for integration feedback that will be sent to partners.

Marketplace Customization & Cleanup

We’ve added more marketplace customization features, including many new fonts.

With these, we took the chance to organize a lot of the marketplace settings, creating a more intuitive, streamlined experience for both setup and editing.

Customize the images and content of integration tiles, and enable your customers to learn more about your integration offerings - no coding needed.

General Fixes, Improved UI & Speed

As always, in addition to releasing features, we strive to continuously improve the existing platform. We’ve revamped runs, streamlined several aspects of the Admin Dashboard, Partner Portal, and Marketplace. Additional status and logging information, workflow updates and numerous UX improvements are just a few of the things we’ve been busy working on.

More Connectors

We’ve added even more connectors! We’re happy to announce we now support integrations with Klaviyo, Chubb, Fulfil, Solidus, Swell, eZCom, Recurly, Upscribe, and Zaius on top of the 250+ connectors already available through Pandium.

If you’d like to see the platform or these features in action, request a demo here.

If you have any questions or feedback about our product, please email

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