Pandium Product Updates May 2022

Discover the latest updates to the Pandium platform! Our customers can now customize their user-facing app marketplace, optimize their marketplace SEO, and manage platform admins. Stay ahead of the game with these new features.
Written by
Kelvin Franklin, Product Manager, Pandium
Published on
July 14, 2023

New Ways to Optimize Integration UX & Management

We're excited to unveil our latest release, much of which was developed from valuable client feedback. As always, we strive for continuous improvement, providing more value and smoother experiences.

UI/UX/Performance Improvements

We have a few changes to our UI/UX on our Admin Dashboard that improve usability and performance. We’ve revamped things behind the scenes, lending to faster load times and navigation, as well as some nice quality-of-life improvements you’ll see:

  • Navigating to integration details is effortless. Simply click the logo, title, or ‘Details’ link on an app to jump into the detail more intuitively than before. 
  • Tweaks to the display for app activity and tenants allow for a condensed and clear view, now you can quickly find what you’re looking for. We’re looking forward to adding even more display and navigation tweaks in the coming weeks to improve your experience. 

Categories and Subcategories

We’re excited to have this highly-requested feature live! You and your partner’s apps can now be assigned a subcategory and category (or multiple). These can be expanded and filtered in your marketplace, creating better app organization. We’ve also added a section break feature, allowing you to stylize your marketplace sidebar even further. The order and content can be easily customized within the Admin Dashboard. Keep your eyes peeled for more marketplace updates that will make app organization and visibility even better!

Creating a new Category, Subcategory, or Section Break
View of setting up Categories, Subcategories, and Section Breaks within the Admin Dashboard
View of Marketplace Sidebar

User Management

Managing different users is now available through the Admin Dashboard. Simply pop into the Users tab within your Settings, and you’ll be able to reset passwords for users or delete any unwanted users.

User Management Screen with new options 

SEO Optimization

Some major changes to how the public-facing gallery marketplace has taken our SEO to the next level. With the new implementation, your public marketplace is now optimized for SEO purposes, allowing you to write more relevant content for each app and aim for specific SEO goals. Keyword searches, automatic sitemap and content updates, CRM forms, and tracking scripts all work together to allow a powerful way to market your apps.

Upcoming Stuff

Pandium Lite, Smoother FTUX, and Source Control.

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