Pandium Product Updates September 2023

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Written by
Kelvin Franklin
Published on
September 11, 2023

The last couple months have included a bunch of core platform updates and functionality additions, with more to come soon!

Source Control Revamp

We’ve reworked the process for connecting to your repositories and ensuring your integrations can be built even faster and simpler than before! We’ve moved around our Source Control settings to be under your general Settings, within its own Source Control tab.

Here, you can connect to one (or more) or your relevant repositories, build and tag new releases, and view related release and source control activity directly from the page.

Additionally, we’ve added a couple options directly on the integration detail page. If you have previously setup source control, when you create new integrations you now have the options to Setup Integration Repo and Build Release.

Build release can be used to initiate a release build using your current Source Control repository information, and the configuration options setup during the integration’s creation workflow.

If you haven’t done any setup for your repository yet related to the integration, you can also select Setup Integration Repo first, and Pandium will automatically generate the appropriate file structure for the integration in your repository.

These options simplify the integration creation process even further in Pandium, and we’re excited to expand on these options in the near future! To check out more on the new process, read the docs here.

Add / Remove Connectors

Within the Reprovision Connectors page, you’ll now see the options to add or remove connectors on an integration. If you need to quickly change connectors on an integration this is the ideal place to do it - and now without having to build a new integration and setup a new Source Control.

Removing/Connecting a new connector will disconnect all currently connected instances of the integration, and make sure to reprovision to the newly-added connectors once you're done, and that’s it!

Automatic Webhook Retries

There are several transient issues that cause webhooks to fail, and finding out why they did and retrying them are paramount to successful integrations using webhooks.

Adding to our webhook repertoire of tools, Pandium will now automatically retry webhook runs on many of these issues, increasing your integration resiliency. We look forward to building out more sync retry features based on a ton of feedback around this!

Environment Secrets Information

Also on the Reprovision page, you’ll see additional information about the connectors you have on the integration - namely the relevant secret keys and related variables used in the integration. If you click Show Secret Keys, you’ll see the specific information in a pop-up.

This will allow you to see this information without having to go through logs or any code to find this information, and keep doing what you need to from Pandium’s central Admin Dashboard.

Integration Tile Metrics

As our backend has gone through major updated, frequently-updated integration metrics on the tiles was paused, but is now back up! We’re reworking how we look at metrics holistically, so keep an eye out for expanded analytics for integrations and other metrics additions soon.

Connector Information Additions

You’ll also see a small but useful UI addition in the Admin Dashboard - we’ve added the Last Connection time for individual connectors; you can see this information both directly on the integration detail page and when clicking the ‘Info’ button beneath the connector display.

Tooltip Update

Another quick win we’ve implemented is updated tooltip functionality. Both native Pandium tooltips and your YAML-implemented tooltips in the Admin Dashboard can now have links and other richtext elements, allowing you to show users relevant documentation or sites. 

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