Pandium In-App Marketplace: New Customization Features 9.2022

Elizabeth Garcia

As SaaS companies grow, they recognize the best route to growth is facilitating integrations with other SaaS apps and offering their customers an improved integration UX. 

Source: Pandium's State of Integrations and APIs at 400 SaaS Companies Report

Set Up Your In-App Marketplace in Days Instead of Months 

Building and launching an in-app marketplace can take 6+ months with an iPaaS and 12-18 months if built in house. 

By utilizing Pandium to launch your in-app marketplace, save time and engineering resources with our pre-built, highly customizable marketplace UI. 


Example of Pandium Powered, Client In-App Marketplace

All in One Solution for Managing Your App Ecosystem

Along with designing your marketplace and integration tiles with no-code, you can utilize our integration infrastructure and 200+ connectors to choose which integrations you want to run and display on your marketplace. Engineers can set the business logic in the coding language of their choice, so you can launch native, flexible integrations in weeks instead of months - no specialized tools needed.

New Marketplace Customization Features and Tools: How Do They Work? 

Pandium customers can still customize their client-facing in-app marketplace theme and integration content with no code using their Admin Dashboard. New customization features include custom shadows, border sizes, new fonts, custom link text, custom category ordering, and other theming changes. 

We also took the chance to organize the settings in the Admin Dashboard, creating a more intuitive, streamlined experience for both setup and editing.

To learn more about how Pandium can help you improve the integration UX for your customers and help you meet business goals, see our Gorgias and ShipBob Case Study.

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