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Finding Tech Partners

You shouldn't just launch with any tech partners. Find out how to identify and assess which partners will best drive revenue for your company, and make your customers happy.

Building Integrations

Not all integrations are created equally. Learn to develop user stories for the right integration configurations, and what you need to build to give your customers an exceptional experience.


Once the marketplace is built, you have to tell prospects and customers about it. Learn best practices and how to leverage the marketing and sales resources of your partners.

Customer Support

Many companies spend hours fielding customer integration questions. Find out how to minimize the need for support, and best practices that will make your customers happy.


Learn how to put the technical infrastructure and partnership programs in place to ensure your marketplace seamlessly scales to a limitless number of users and integrations.

Showing ROI

Discover the processes you need to put in place across departments in order to track return and establish ROI for your tech partnership program and your integrations.

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"As a team in the middle of launching an in-app marketplace, this eBook Is more than just a definitive guide. It Is our “how to make life easier” strategy and playbook.
The book : 1) explains why a marketplace matters for any SaaS company focused on making life easier for its customers; 2) how to implement it in a way that makes life easier for your product and engineering teams and 3) how it makes life easier for every department company-wide to achieve their own objectives."

<full-width center="" inline-block="" bold="">- Bharat Chopra, Head of Platform Growth<full-width center="" inline-block="" bold=""></full-width></full-width>

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